Who we are.

Our company is named Arcidian.  Over the past few years we have greatly expanded our scope of services, added category and senior level expertise, and are focused on strategic road mapping and planning for executional excellence.

Partial List of Clients.

We have been fortunate over the years to have worked with incredible people in multiple locations, companies and verticals and who not only have big dreams, but are truly making a difference.  The common theme we find in the people we work with are that they have a passion for what they do, dedication and discipline to what they believe in, and the willingness to work hard.  Contact us for specific examples and references.


We make things happen.

Given our unique background and renaissance approach to obtaining results, we often are asked: Do you counsel CEO and boards on strategy? Create long-term roadmaps for interdisciplinary teams. Are you a branding and marketing agency? Integrated communications services company? Do you place media? Can you launch products? Open new markets? Raise Capital? Pull off large events? Positively work with local communities? Help prepare and apply for state licenses? Set up operations? Management leadership training? Create hyper-compelling content and spot-on creative? Can you get us on the first page of Google?  Yes…to all, among other things… but, we don’t like labels. First and foremost we move the needle for companies.

We wouldn’t still be in business after 20 + years if we didn’t know what we were doing and hadn’t continually helped clients reach their goals.  If we had to describe what we do, the answer would be: We are experts at creating, driving and growing companies and brands through rapid start-up, stabilization, consumer activation, exponential and noticeable growth in customers and revenue, and long-term loyalty. We have done this time and time again for many clients, (as well as ourselves).  We love what we do and are excited to get up and do something great, every day.

Long-term investment.

Businesses and industries evolve.  We know that new and complex industries have extreme challenges, and for those who are willing to invest the time, energy, resources, discipline and patience to do things right, take responsibility and to be accountable, will realize long-term success–as long as everything is done in strict adherence to state laws and regulatory compliance as guided and enforced by the elected leaders in each state where the companies do business.


While we continue to learn and grow every day, we know that there are tremendous opportunities in life, never forgetting the leadership responsibility we have to ourselves, to our country, our communities, and our children.